It Was Your Choice



I have to vent. And you will probably get all miffed with me about it. But I truly don’t care.

Here it is…

Its your fault you are in the situation you are in right now.

The situation you are in – was your choice. Your doing. Your creation.

You chose it. Its your life. And regardless of what you think, you are doing it YOUR way.

Those kids you gave birth to, those dogs barking in your yard, your job, your husband, your friends and even the way you allow your family to treat you.


I am here for you, always. But stop complaining to me about it — every single day.

You see, because I made my own choices and I TOO – have to live with them.

And thats all I can handle at the moment.


Happiness Glitter & Stars…in the Mail

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I love getting things in the mail that aren’t bills, don’t you?

Its rare for me, though. I don’t like to check the mailbox these days. Scares me.

Spam & bills & spam & bills.

I have a few friends who still send me cards and every time I open the mailbox and get a sweet reminder that someone is thinking of me, it lightens my day and puts a big smile on my face.

This morning I went to the mailbox and got a happy little package from a marvelous chick I consider my sister – from another planet. Yes, I did say planet. A planet we both consider sacred.

She sent me some of what I like to call “happiness, glitter & stars”.

Little things, pieces of absolutely nothing, teeny-weeny nothings that make a huge difference in the lives of people who adore them.

I opened the envelope and little stickers with happy memories fell into my lap.

Happy, little, stickers…..

All of a sudden the love, acceptance, gratitude, and giving spirit I long for every day of the year, came back to me.

A hot ton of fiery goodness was tucked in there, in a little white envelope from Reno Nevada.

Thanks to you, Detour Ginger, I will carry on today. In a better, move loving BRC spirit filled kind of way.

I miss you.

See you again soon.



A New Day for Love

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Its no secret I have been thru some stuff in my life. I look around at other people and sometimes see they have a much easier road to travel.

But no, not for me.

Recently, after a long series of loss and grief, of friends, family & loved ones, I decided to make some changes in my life, for the better. Because I have an issue with lasting love. And it’s something I truly want for myself.

I find it to be interesting what human beings do when they are in love. Either cultivate it or destroy it. I must admit I’ve done it both ways.

But love is the one thing Ive been looking for my entire life. Just love. Nothing else. To love someone and to be loved in return is the ultimate gift in this life.

No doubt, I’ve fallen in love quite a few times and then lost it more times than I have wanted. But thru it all I’ve learned the valuable lesson of impermanence.

Nothing is forever. Enjoy the moment. Be here now. Savor it and make it last.

I lost my best friend recently who just happened to be someone I was madly in love with.

Afterwards, I didn’t tell anyone except someone I trust with my life, that I needed help.

It was so painful at times I couldn’t breathe.

It was the final straw for me.

I needed help with my heart, my attitude and my feelings about love. How to heal from all of the disappointment I’ve endured. How to return to my center, my true desires, to have faith, and then learn to love again freely, without expectation but full intention to make it last.

My friend & I came up with a game plan. And I am working it fast and furious.

Because love is all there is.

Mine is still out there.

And I want my share.


Hoop Trainer at The Santa Monica Library


Sometime because I have these odd skills, I am called to create fun and games for people. Kids & Adults. No difference.

This most recent one was fun.

I spent a great day providing team building activities & employee appreciation workshops for The Santa Monica Public Library with my friend Joseph, who plays the steel drums and hosts a rockin’ drum circle. Hoops + Drums = 50 Happy Grown Ups playing with plastic circles with shiny tape on them.

Yes – T’was as a good day, indeed.

Check out the fun on Facebook, here:

Want your own team building fun with hoops & drums?

Happy Hooping!


I Can make You a Star if You Can Pole Dance


So – last night I went to a local trendy restaurant and bar in my neighborhood and was enjoying my favorite beer when this guy comes and sits down next to me and proceeds to tell me he is a “film producer”.

Uh oh. Here we go.

Now, in absolutely no way do I look like Im new on the scene. Im not 21. I don’t fall for stupid Hollywood sh*t. And this guy was obviously out of his element. And I must be clear, it wasn’t that he was trying to put the moves on me that made me write this post.

Its what he offered me that made me put my butt in the chair and fingers on the keyboard.

Maybe this might help one of you guys before you say something completely wrong if you are trying to impress someone.

“Do you want to be an actress?” He asked me.

I asked “Why do you ask?”

He said, “Im a film producer. I make movies.”

“Thats great.” I said.

So next he goes, “You would make a great stripper in my movie. Can you pole dance?”


Good luck out there if you are dating. There’s a bunch of losers on the loose in LA.


Speed Bumps in Playa del Rey


I wish someone in the neighborhood would install speed bumps on my street in Playa del Rey.  The speed at which these people travel thru our town is unreasonable, at best.

We have pedestrians here. Runners, bikers, urban hikers. Mom’s with strollers. Me.

And then there’s you. A person on a mission to get somewhere in the morning, driving thru my little town. Steering a car on a road with a 30 mph speed limit but going 60 because you are late for work. And you are texting. Or texting and eating, drinking, curling your hair, reading the newspaper and talking on the phone. Sometimes all at once. Basically, you are an asshole.

What will you do when you hit a pedestrian with your speeding death machine because you were looking at your lap instead of the road where she was there, crossing the street with her small child?

That text was so important that you had to return it right away and you hit her head on.

Feel bad? Or you feel sorry. Its not enough. You are going to prison.

I’m asking the City for speed bumps on Culver Blvd in Playa del Rey, California. Because at very least you can slow your fast-ass down on my street. I’ll get to your texting issues later, that are completely illegal in California. Duh.






The Slipper Sisters


Today is Sunday, June 1st and I am in Vista, California to sing in a private concert with my Cali bestie, Susan Thoen and my Mother, Glenda Hesley.

Wondering how I got here – but thinking back I remember Susan and me playing around with folk songs to her new ukelele strumming obsession. A little practice of one song (Seven Bridges Road) let to another singing adventure (music classes) and then another (a concert for 30 people).

My Mom was once a backup singer for Elvis. And that was before the Internet, so no, you can’t really look it up, but she was. She is a master at creating a harmony to any melody. Maybe because she grew up in the Church of Christ, where singing is done without musical accompaniment. So she knows her stuff.

So we are singing together in a beautiful spot, down by the “river”, in San Diego, for those who love us.

We are looking forward to the show and I will be sharing some of that love in a future post.

The Slipper SistersJH


Happy Summer!



It’s summer time again in L.A.

There’s so much excitement everywhere.

Creativity pouring from souls  all over the Southland. Music, art, food, drinks, and dancing galore!

I am looking forward to being smack dab in the middle of it all this year. I just celebrated another birthday on Memorial Day, launching the beginning of summer, and I am ready to experience it all.

Stay Tuned…Party ON! ~ JH

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