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Today is Sunday, June 1st and I am in Vista, California to sing in a private concert with my Cali bestie, Susan Thoen and my Mother, Glenda Hesley.

Wondering how I got here – but thinking back I remember Susan and me playing around with folk songs to her new ukelele strumming obsession. A little practice of one song (Seven Bridges Road) let to another singing adventure (music classes) and then another (a concert for 30 people).

My Mom was once a backup singer for Elvis. And that was before the Internet, so no, you can’t really look it up, but she was. She is a master at creating a harmony to any melody. Maybe because she grew up in the Church of Christ, where singing is done without musical accompaniment. So she knows her stuff.

So we are singing together in a beautiful spot, down by the “river”, in San Diego, for those who love us.

We are looking forward to the show and I will be sharing some of that love in a future post.

The Slipper SistersJH


Happy Summer!



It’s summer time again in L.A.

There’s so much excitement everywhere.

Creativity pouring from souls  all over the Southland. Music, art, food, drinks, and dancing galore!

I am looking forward to being smack dab in the middle of it all this year. I just celebrated another birthday on Memorial Day, launching the beginning of summer, and I am ready to experience it all.

Stay Tuned…Party ON! ~ JH

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Jackie Hesley on Good Morning America


It was a joy to be on Good Morning America with my hoop on May 1st, 2013.

Hoopnotica endured a website crash within minutes of that appearance and has experienced record sales every day since.

It’s true. You can call them and ask them yourself, if you can get through to them due to a high volume of calls. (bless their sweet little hoop-loving hearts..) ;)

Many thanks to Hoopnotica for blessing me with such great opportunities in Los Angeles to share what I have lost and gained in the hoop since 2008.

Look for me on TV again – very soon.

To view the GMA segment,  CLICK HERE TO WATCH!

Jackie and Hoops




Lifestyle Reviews: The MaLo Underwear Makeover

I really do learn something new everyday, and this week, I found out that my guy is a little sensitive when it comes to his wardrobe. More than that, he is a borderline snob when it comes to underwear, so it was difficult from the beginning to get him to allow me to makeover his designer drawers. But I have amazing powers of persuasion.

I got an invite to meet Mario Lopez and pick out anything from his new #MaLoUnderwear line. So, on a lovely Autumn day I went to Kmart, not knowing what to expect and hoping for the best; Kevin would love his new #MaLoUnderwear.

I am excited to shop at Kmart for MaLo Underwear!

Kmart was buzzing that day. Everyone had on big smiles and they were looking around anxiously. It was obvious something cool was about to happen.

Waiting to meet Mario Lopez at Kmart

Meanwhile, I made my way to the shopping baskets and then into the store where the #MaLoUnderwear display was front and center. I noticed it was conveniently located next to the trendy ladies’ department and since we usually like to shop for our guys, ourselves, it was easily accessible to other items I would usually look for.

Got my basket and I am ready to shop!
#Cbias shopping buddy, Carolyn West

While checking out the MaLo Underwear possibilities, I ran into Carolyn West, another #Cbias shopper, and together we chatted it up about our men, their turn on’s and turn off’s, and random other girlie topics.

And then it happened, Mario Lopez showed up!

Mario Lopez at Kmart for MaLo Underwear

We were both so star-struck that we missed the first camera shot at him, but managed to sneak our way into the paparazzi line and snap shots of him meeting with the media and his adoring fans. Then I thought…

(Wait! I still have shopping to do.)

On my way back to the #MaLoUnderwear display, I snapped this pic.

The MaLo Underwear Models at Kmart

So you see, it was a good day at Kmart.

After looking at everything, and I mean, EVERYTHING, I chose the 3 pack of MaLo Underwear boxers (love the colorful waistbands) and 2 pack of t-shirts, then went to see what Kmart had for Halloween, the holidays, and finally picked out a few baby items for a friend who is expecting her first child.

Shopping at Kmart for MaLo Underwear

Back at home; I went through Kevin’s drawers when he wasn’t around (difficult task). I kept the ‘best of the best” and threw out the rest, making room for his new MaLo’s, and as it turned out, he loves them!

Check out before…and after.

Updated drawers with MaLo Underwear
Kevin loves his MaLo Underwear

Mission accomplished. I put a smile on Kevin’s face, hung out with male models in their underwear, met one of my blogging idols, and took photos of Mario Lopez. All in all, it’s just another blessed day in the life of a blogger in Los Angeles.

Mario Lopez meets his fans at Kmart

My only question is: When will the #MaLoUnderwear line for ladies come out?

Special thanks to MaLo Underwear, Mario Lopez, and Kmart for their fabulous Men’s Fashion sense.

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Lifestyle Reviews: Hotel Transylvania Movie

As the air gets crisp and autumn rolls in, things get a little spookier in Los Angeles. Finding fun fall things to do it a city that has everything is easy, however accepting an invitation to anything in L.A. means strategic planning and to get there on time takes some focused execution, so one must to be choosy when it comes to invites.

When Smart and Final sent me an invitation to be one of the first people to see the new movie, Hotel Transylvania, even during Emmys Week, I accepted.

You heard it right; I cut short my Emmy’s Gifting Suites tour to race off to The AMC in Century City in the middle of rush hour, just to see this sweet movie. I rarely go to movies, let alone animations, but for some reason I couldn’t resist.

My guest and I arrived at the theatre about 30 minutes early to get the usual essentials, some yummy snacks and a frosty bevie, and on our way up to the movie we surprisingly received some super-stylish 3D glasses. Being the L.A. diva I am, looking good even in the dark is important, so I was happy that these 3D glasses weren’t the typical cardboard version.

But I have to say, I had no clue Hotel Transylvania was in 3D. I love anything in 3D so by now I am thinking, “this is already fun”. Then we walked into the theatre which was packed full of Moms, Dads, and kids, all with their movie essentials as well.

Grabbing two seats close to the front, we get prepared for the show. Looking around, here we are, all of us with our 3D glasses in place, ready for Hotel Transylvania to begin.

The next 90 minutes was a blast, even for the adults in the theatre. My guest and I were shocked at how the kids were completely entranced by the story, the songs, and the monsters, monsters, monsters! Hotel Transylvania was a perfect little story about a young boy and a girl exploring a new world. Entertaining and simple, appropriate for all ages.

And being from Los Angeles, you know we stayed for the credits. Again we were amazed at how many big Hollywood actors joined in to create this film. A few familiar voices were Dracula (Adam Sandler), Mavis (Selena Gomez), Frankenstein (Kevin James), Eunice (Fran Drescher), Murray the Mummy (Cee Lo Green), and the Werewolves (Steve Buscemi and Molly Shannon).

The Hotel Transylvania movie was light, fun, festive, and sweet. My guest and I both agreed it’s a perfect Halloween movie for kids and grown ups that will get everyone in the mood for the fun things this season brings.

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Don’t miss out. Go see it!

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Lifestyle Reviews :

Los Angeles is a city full of angels, but not all of them have wings.

Many of them have four legs and a tail.

Take a walk anywhere in L.A., everyone has a pet. These days they are less like animals living among us and more like little family members, and with those pets, come millions of pet products.

From pet food to pet clothes to pet spas, anything you can dream up for you, has also been created for your pets, but if you look closely, something has been missing.

So, what’s this year’s hottest trend for L.A.’s coolest pets? You got it, pet spirituality!

Ever thought about what Fifi believes in? Where Fido will go when he passes on? Or,  how you can keep your furpal safe from harm?

One thoughtful pet owner from the USA had a powerful ‘pet-epiphany” while traveling abroad.

“The good karma “evil eye” charm is an ancient tradition in the Mediterranean and you can find it on everything. On jewelry, clothes, home furnishings, and collectibles, it’s symbol of protection and peace is attainable for people, but not for pets”, says owner, Phyllis Comu. “While on vacation, I looked everywhere for an “evil eye” collar charm for my dog but found nothing, so I came home and created one.”‘s launched its first product this January at The Americas Mart in Atlanta 2012, with rave reviews from buyers all over the world. One buyer said,”‘s product is cool for pets on many levels, very original and tons of fun!”‘s sacred charms are made in a small village in Turkey, then shipped to the US. On a pet collar, they are small, lightweight, and sensational! In addition, the traditional “blue” color is now customizable to express the personality of your pet, with many colors available including red, pink, and green.

When worn, the lovely little item is said to bring good karma and protect the wearer from harm. The jury is still out on whether it’s, in fact, true, but they sure look sweet on a pet collar.

Phyllis Comu, a big supporter of animal charities, has also launched an online affiliate program along with that will donate 10% of all sales that originate from your site to the charity of your choice, by sending you a non-profit donation each month.

Another great note about is their Facebook presence. Browsing through the animal categories, it’s hard to find positive pet pages. Most focus on abuse. While awareness is very important, a feel-good pet conversation should be going on as well, which is what their Facebook page is all about, happy pet stories! asks fans to get in on the conversation, sharing their own pet-friendly photos and fun.

Finally, we may never know where Fido goes when he passes or what Fifi’s beliefs are, but we can keep them safe. That means doing your part as a pet-pal, with annual health check ups, proper nutrition, and a lot of love. Of course, some good karma from might help too.

If you would like more information on how to get your own product check out their website here:


Beauty Reviews : Seeing Red

Do you remember the 80s?

I sort of do.

I have a box of photos from those days. My girlfriends and I look as if we could have been named “The Kitten Crew” from the looks of us. Big hair, long nails, shoulder pads and lots of makeup.

It was back in the day when we wore real leather, not pleather, when Boy George and Madonna created fashion’s hottest trends and for me that meant wearing my signature 80′s black with a chic hat, and the reddest lipstick I could find.

I thought I looked gorgeous.

It’s only now when I see myself in every photograph from those days and think, where was my “natural” look? And, it’s no wonder why I now lean towards sheer nudes and light colors.

Nevermind that, it’s Oscars time again! For me it means I am going out! In the past years that I have been covering what’s in the Oscars Gifting Suites for Examiner and beyond, I have been able to sneak in and out of the suites and parties with my light makeup look. Sometimes, I have the makeup artists in the suites do-me-up a little, but not much.

This year, I dont know.

With all of this red everywhere, I myself, am feeling red again.

It’s been about 20 years since I have worn red lipstick, except on Halloween.

I have all sorts of stories why I would resist:

  1. Red doesn’t look good on me anymore.
  2. What if it runs and smears and gets on my teeth?
  3. How do I find the right color red?

So what did I do?

Instead of spending a ton of cash on this stuff at Sephora, I went to a costume shop and bought affordable stage makeup. I purchased the Ben Nye MagiColor Creme Pencil in Ruby Red, and Lipstick in True Red. They both stay on exceptionally well, cost me about $13 together, and are HOT.

And what is my plan?

I’m wearing red again.




Fitness Reviews : Hooping is Fun

Say the word “workout” to people and ask them to tell you the first thing that comes to mind.

They won’t respond with the word “fun.”

It just doesn’t happen.

People do not usually think of exercise and fun together. You get the first one over with and use the second as a reward, right? But what if you could mesh them together, having so much fun you completely forget you’re exercising while burning upwards of 450 calories an hour?

That’s what happened to me last year when I lost 42 pounds in 6 months, working out with a hula-hoop. “Hooping” is serious fun and almost insultingly simple, not to mention the investment for a brand-new, shiny adult-sized hoop is only about $40. There’s no real reason you shouldn’t already have one. Plus, the fun-filled memories you get from a hoop will last forever.

So, let’s say I convinced you to try hooping, and you purchase a hoop. Now what? Before you swing it into action, here are some hooping hints to help you maximize the fun.

1. Enter with no expectations. At first your hooping skills may be iffy at best, and sometimes your hoop will drop and hit the ground. Just like in life, you can always pick it up and start over again. Over time, you’ll get the hang of it!

2. Connect with your inner child. Hoopers tend to be creative and sometimes set the mood by playing dress up, hooping in funky fashions and colorful accessories. Don’t be afraid to be the more fun version of you. No one is looking.

3. Create your own play space. You can hoop outdoors in the park or indoors, in front of your TV. Attend a hoop class in your town or be a lone practitioner. Dance to music that moves you, or hoop in silent meditation. There are no rules to hooping, only experienced suggestions, so hoop however you want. It’s your playtime!

4. BFFs forever! Oh no, the hoop is not just a plastic ring. Consider it to be your new dance partner in which you are the leader—not the other way around. Once you learn how to lead with simple body cues, the two of you will be dancing non-stop. Not only will you have the coolest bestie ever, you will also never be without a dance partner!

5. Set play dates. Grab your hoop and hit the Internet where you will find that the hooping community is a welcoming, non-competitive environment for the most part, and most “hoopers” like to share. There are countless hoop classes, workshops and free hooping events sprouting up everywhere. If there isn’t a class in your area already, consider starting one of your own.

Finally, one of the coolest things about hooping is that it can take you out of your grownup mind for a while, allowing you to leave who you are trying to be behind, and just be. It will remind you of how you were as a kid, and if you missed out on the hula-hoop the first time around, well, here is another chance to learn to spin. Don’t miss out! —Jackie Hesley

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